Junk, Junk & More Junk

Today started out as a normal day. Until I had pizza for lunch. Then upon returning home I found pizza yet again on my plate. Now I know for some this would be like heaven on earth and for a while before today that’s what I thought like. The problem is that as soon as you actually are in that situation your perspective instantly changes and it actually becomes a burden to live up to that reputation of a pizza lover which, for me, has never been a worry. Anyway, so I have my pizza and am now confronted with ice-cream of which I force myself to eat although it was more sickening than satisfying and try to block out the fact that I feel about 13 stone when I’m only meant to be 6. So, what do you do when you’re feeling depressed, down and like you weigh the equivalent of an elephant? Write (Or in this case, type) on WordPress.com! Now I’ve got nothing against my old Ocean Blue theme for my blog but it just wasn’t cutting it. I’d been through all 115 themes and found none to my taste so when I learnt that the theme Liquorice was out and it had the Lobster font (Of which I use mostly) I immediately activated it and checked it out! Much to my dismay it had cleared my sidebar so I had to restore that and also I had to fix my menu labels, tidy up my pages and make sure everything was working. I am also proud of the fact that I was the first person to use the theme on the whole of WordPress.com which, believe me, is very hard if you know how many people are constantly patrolling this site for updates. Anyway, I won’t be leaving a Video or Photo of the day before I leave but I will do tomorrow before I set out for the day. Now I’m feeling better I think the ice-cream is calling me again. Bye!


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Phumi says:

    u wrote about food? CRAVING! nah but on the real u got a mature sense of writing.


    1. Stairhopper says:

      lol i know i crave too much 😀 an thanks by the way, i try my best 🙂


  2. Phumi says:

    Dont get cocky. I’m obviously better


    1. Stairhopper says:

      yeah right, you should make your own blog and we could war it out -.-


  3. Phumi says:

    Blog wars, mmmh. Good idea Alex


    1. Stairhopper says:

      its true! wats ur email address so i can subscribe u? 😀


    2. Stairhopper says:

      what you doing today anyway?


    1. Stairhopper says:

      done it now, but it says you’ll have to check your mail to ‘confirm’ your subscription… :/


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