Turn On The Light

Turn On The Light

Sometimes I look on society and wonder. Everyone seems to just follow. We listen to other people telling us how to live our lives and take their ideas on board. We hear one side of the story in the news and take it as the all encompassing truth. We hear one politician shouting the loudest and promising the most, so we flock to their side.

Humanity, it seems, has become a flock of sheep.

Is it bad to follow someone? No. Every body of people needs a leader (though that is subject to debate, now I think about it) so it’s natural that we join sides with someone and follow them. What I do think needs to change however is the mindless following of the crowd or sugar coated words which are used to sway the populous. It seems with the age of media (especially social media), that whatever side uses the best marketing, has the loudest voice and promises what people want to have will easily become the side people gravivate to. When it comes to people being torn down the same is also true. People seem to be so eager to see public figures being torn down and humiliated that they don’t even bother to seek out the other side of the story, only giving attention to the negatives which the news publishes.

I believe that as a whole humanity needs to step back and instead of following what we immediately hear and cast judgment, we need to take the time to see both sides of the coin and understand what’s actually going on instead of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ so to speak.

Letting Go

Letting Go

Now, I’m pretty damn sure I’ve written something about this topic before, and I sincerely apologise if anyone remembers it. However, it’s just the topic on my mind so hey, I’ll just roll with it! Maybe I’ll write a longer post one day, you never know.

So today I went on a forest walk, and it was in the area which I used to live in before as a kid my life took a drastic turn which led me to where I am now, and It was a bit surreal doing the things I used to do years ago, such as climbing the same banks, walking the same paths, and generally following in my younger self’s footsteps. I took note of all the mountain bike trails I rode, and noted all the subtle and major changes that have taken the forest and the town outside it. I also noted the things that hadn’t changed at all, which was nice.

I’d been there last year, but didn’t explore as much. Last time I went though, I kept having serious heart strings pulled as my memories of the past conflicted in my mind, and I wished that things had followed the path they were going earlier on in my life, instead of all the changes which happened. This time around however, I looked back on the memories with a certain fondness, and didn’t have near as many moments of ‘if only’ as I had before. It was a surprise but also a burden in itself, as I realised that I was letting go of the past in a sense, and no longer clinging to a dying dream of attempting to return my life to the path which I would rather it have taken.

Obviously, I’m only 19, so I know that this is literally the least of my worries when I think of the life I’ve yet to live, and the challenges I’ve yet to face, but this scenario has taught me something that I hope to carry into my future:

It’s hard to let go, and even harder once you realise you’re letting go, but sometimes it’s for the best. Not all memories have to bring on waves of regret. Not all paths of life that start off wrong or take a wrong turn end that way. Not all dreams are meant to become reality.



I’ve always wondered why we have this bonfire night thing in the UK. Sure, a plot was stopped to destroy the houses of parliament (if I’m remembering the history correctly), and the offender was killed. That’s all well and good. However, how many years on and it’s a national holiday that seems to begin weeks before the date’s even arrived? I could never understand it. Continue reading “5TH”

LX & CRT In Paris

LX & CRT In Paris

So I went on a short adventure. Over the last couple of days I’ve been hard at work touring Paris and taking in the sights with my cousin Curtis. We started the afternoon we arrived, making our moves shortly after settling in. Navigating the metro was easier than expected, and felt very similar to London in most aspects.

The sights and views the city has to offer are fantastic. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a city that can offer such breathtaking views and shots. Unfortunately the constant travelling that we did and the infernal stairs we had to climb took our breath away too. I’m not one for long monologues about my travels. I’ll let the audio and visuals do the talking. Be sure to check out my Instagram over the coming weeks though, I’ll be uploading regularly some shots that aren’t even on my Flickr! Continue reading “LX & CRT In Paris”


Sometimes I look back on life and get myself into these little ruts.

Could I have done better? Should I have taken that opportunity? Would I be a different person if ‘xyz’ hadn’t happened? In a different reality did I take a different route in career choices?

It’s things like these that get me down sometimes, envisioning the person I could’ve been if I’d applied myslef more, if circumstances had been different for me.

Continue reading “Ponder”

Perception Filter

Sometimes I wish that I could blend into society and not be noticed. Be part of the world without drawing attention to myself.

It was brought to the forefront of my mind yesterday, in fact. I was on a job taking photographs at an event as I do, and when the evening drew to a close thee was a short speech of thanks. Now, I’d been up front using my 50mm lens in order to get as much light as possible in the rather dark hall, so you can imagine how many people I’d distracted with my camera beeps and shutter sounds. It wasn’t a very nice feeling. Continue reading “Perception Filter”