Perception Filter

Sometimes I wish that I could blend into society and not be noticed. Be part of the world without drawing attention to myself. It was brought to the forefront of my mind yesterday, in fact. I was on a job taking photographs at an event as I do, and when the evening drew to a…

Paths & Bridges

We often take different paths in life, and cross a lot of bridges in order to get over the obstacles put before us and advance from where we are to where we want to be. Let’s hope that those paths stay clear, and the bridges we cross stay stable.


  Sometimes I’ll just be sat at home, doing my thing, whether that be gaming, designing, editing, or some other thing, and I get a notification on my phone. Now before I move on never let it be said that I’m completely careless, and have no respect or regard for others, but sometimes I just…


Good artists borrow. Great artists steal. — Pablo Picasso

Interstellar Travel

Let’s get one thing clear first. I don’t watch many films. However, I did decide to watch Interstellar, and boy am I glad I did! It gripped and entranced me in a way no other film has ever done for me. It made me realise how much we focus on material items down here, how…