Alex & Curtis In Paris

So I went on a short adventure. Over the last couple of days I’ve been hard at work touring Paris and taking in the sights with my cousin Curtis. We started the afternoon we arrived, making our moves shortly after settling in. Navigating the metro was easier than expected, and felt very similar to London…

The Evening Post – Issue 20

Good Evening! Yeah, sorry for the lack of posts and all. I did have a post ready on my iPod, but that sucked, and I realised that I’m gonna have to limit my blogging to the desk… I just can’t seem to ge the hang of this whole mobile blogging thing. It doesn’t seem natural….

The Confession

Dating your best friend’s sister is easy. Telling him isn’t. – Thomas ‘Ska’ Ridgewell

Let’s Play Terraria – Episode 3: The Forbidden Cave

Well, here it is! I hope you enjoy the third installment of my Letโ€™s Play series! Stay tuned for more episodes! Summary: Welcome to the third episode of Alex & George’s now-with-commentary Let’s Play Terraria series! In this episode Alex realises that bungalows really are houses, George turns to the dark side, and the Guide…

Let’s Play Terraria – Episode 2: George Included

Well, here it is! I hope you enjoy the next installment of my Let’s Play series! Summary: Welcome to the second episode of Alex & George’s not-very-popular-but-will-be-when-we-get-mics Let’s Play Terraria series! In this episode George learns the true meaning of friendship (namely rescuing Alex from slimes), Alex realises how important toast is, and they both…